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From enquiry to delivery


If you have an idea, a specific question, or even a drawing, please submit it to us, and we will consult with you to come with up the best approach.




In our team of developers, innovation and knowledge go hand-in-hand. We offer support in the development of new products, or can even develop all new applications, under assignment from you.

Project management

We manage all activities to ensure the success of the project and take responsibility for its organisation, preparation, planning, execution and completion. We can deliver a high-quality end product based on your enquiry/drawing/product and specifications.


We can handle the entirety of the production process for you in our new production environment. We offer sand casting of high technical quality in accordance with European standards.


Using subassemblies in China enables us to achieve shorter lead times, resulting in lower costs. Naturally, we also guarantee the high level of quality that you are accustomed to receiving from us.



With over 1,000 shipping containers coming into Europe every year, we know where there are gains to be made. We offer you an extremely high degree of flexibility and substantial economies of scale. If necessary, we can keep your products in stock in Belfeld.

We can provide Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery directly to your production line. We anticipate your needs in finding the ideal logistics solution and the right balance for cost control.