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In addition to sand casting, die-casting also plays a major role on the aluminium casting market. Die-casting, or high-pressure moulding, is the most cost-effective moulding method for high volumes, with small to medium dimensions. Materials with a low melting point, such as lead, zinc, aluminium and magnesium, are excellently suited to high-pressure die-casting.

Experience and efficiency

Die-casting is a fully automated process, which involves injecting the liquid metal under high pressure (up to 1500 bar) into the mould. High-pressure moulding achieves the highest tolerances for metal castings and is characterised by high surface quality.

As well as sand casting, our partner in China, the JJ Group, also has facilities in-house for die-casting. We have been supplying various markets with die-casting work for over 10 years now. Our customers in this segment range from companies that supply drainage systems to producers of furniture with aluminium parts. This market is highly diverse and we are in a good position to anticipate its developments with our high-quality factory. The fact that the tools are made by the factory itself gives our die-casting division a distinctive edge. This offers cost benefits and provides for a more efficient approval process for your product.

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