We welcome Dungs Combustion Controls as a new valued customer.

We are very proud to recently welcome Dungs Combustion Controls as a new valued customer.
After making various samples and a thorough and intensive period of testing, we recently started with the first series deliveries to Dungs Combustion Controls in Urbach in Germany.

Dungs manufactures and supplies very high quality gas components and services and specializes in 4 applications: heating, heat process, gas engines and gas detection.
From their offices and representations, they deliver to a worldwide clientele.

Dungs does not act overnight and subjects their products and suppliers to the strictest possible requirements. Only the best pass their selection.
That is why we are pleased to add Dungs to our customer base.

Together with Dungs we guarantee reliability, economy and exemplary quality and safety.

As you can see from the pictures below, we deliver our cast and machined parts in any desired way.

Options such as repacking, control work, rework, machining, assembly, wet & powder coating, etc. are among our various options.
Also the storage of safety stock in our warehouse offers the possibility of a swift and just in time delivery to your production.
Below as an example the desired specific packaging method for Dungs