Ohron in the Covid 19 pandemic

Ohron aligns her sales process with the purchasing process of their customers and realizes that as a trusted and valued advisor it has the goal to match the right solution with the customer’s problem.
We are therefore actively involved in their projects, which results in better predictability.
This offers enormous opportunities for both customer and supplier and represents a good investment in the future mutual relationship, even in this time of the covid 19 –pandemic

But how does the virus affects logistics & transport? … The virus was spreading like wildfire across cities, countries and different continents. … Many countries were delayed in receiving orders from all over the world.
A major concern for us was whether the distribution could still actually take place, given that many companies expect to receive their goods just in time.
We try not to imbalance the supply chain of our sectors, so production stops will not occur.

It makes sense to use the time to monitor where the stock is.
This is not only about our own stock, but also about the stock between us and the customer and the stock upstream.
Fact-gathering takes a lot of time but is essential to keep the supply chain going.
We are convinced that spreading risks is an appropriate strategy and stock should be placed as deep in the chains as possible. We like to think that our customers share the same view.

Reliability and quality. Those two terms are inseparably linked to Ohron.
Our customers determine the level of our company.
Close cooperation between customer and foundry as well as a pragmatic approach makes Ohron a trusted and preferred supplier for the manufacturing and supply of complex aluminum castings as well as additional services such as coating, control activities and assembly of components in large series. Ohron is a total partner, where support and service are keywords.