Why our customers choose Ohron Industries for their aluminium castings?

Since 2002 Ohron Industries in the Netherlands exclusively represents the aluminium foundry Zhejiang HEC Machinery Co., Ltd., better known in the market as .
This company is located in the largest most important industrial region of Eastern China.

The foundry itself started in 1986 and was almost immediately successful in China and abroad because of their technical innovation together with their professional craftsmanship. To further optimise its service and communication in Europe, Ohron Industries was founded to overcome some cultural differences and possible language problems. Ohron Industries employs a staff of competent technical specialists and a multi-lingual sales force. Also their Logistic, Warehousing and Backoffice are of a highly professional level.
Together with the foundry, close to Ningbo harbour and Shanghai airport, the perfect supply chain for your aluminium castings is there for you:

Everything under one roof, only one service provider!
– Specialised in complex casting with competitive prices and investment in toolings
– A one stop shop for your sand, shell-core, gravity, low & high pressure die castings
– Tool making, casting, machining, (heat) treatment, automated wet & powder coating lines.
– Organising the logistics from China to Europe
– Having your components in safety stock ready for you to call off in one of our warehouses in the Netherlands
– And even assembly of components, or repacking of your products to be ready-to-deploy at your assembly line is also a service we provide to our customers.

Curious about what we can do for your aluminium products?
Our casting experts at Ohron are happy to advise the castability of your products to bring your project to a success. Please contact us via below button and we are open to investigate where we can be of added value to your business!
In the below pages an impression of the foundry, location Taizhou, China.